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“My ultimate purpose is to live in harmony with the universe. I can do so only when my mission is accomplished, my talents are developed, and my destiny is fulfilled.” — James Parker, DC

Our Mission and Our Vision

Our mission at Renegade Chiropractic is to reshape the status quo for health in the Utah County area through specific, neurologically based, chiropractic care. We are driven to educate and empower each individual and family to live and express life the way that God intends their life to be expressed. We educate and empower with clarity so that everyone who enters our office makes well-informed decisions about their health, gains freedom over their health burdens, and by so doing joins us in reshaping the status quo for the health of every man, woman, and child in our community.

Our vision at Renegade Chiropractic is to not only make a difference for the families we serve within the practice, but to make a difference beyond our four walls. We know that as people start feeling and functioning better they are more able to help those around them. We love to be a resource for people to serve others by partnering with other local small businesses and nonprofits to make a difference in the community. We frequently have drives and service opportunities going on for our practice members and community members to join together to make a difference in the lives of others.

Why Renegade Chiropractic

We chose the name Renegade Chiropractic, because we wanted our name to reflect the Master Healer – Jesus Christ. In the eyes of the Pharisees and Sadducees He was the Ultimate Renegade of His time. He was talking to women, healing on Sunday, playing with children, preaching that character is more than following rules. In all reality, Christ was just doing what He was supposed to do. Chiropractic can be viewed in this same lens. Historically, chiropractic has been viewed as doing things different from the rest of the healthcare industry, and at Renegade Chiropractic we are okay with that. As a principled chiropractic office we do not subscribe to the philosophy that you are inherently sick and need medication to heal, rather we subscribe to the philosophy that your body has an Innate Intelligence to heal itself when it is free from subluxation. All we do is provide education and specific chiropractic adjustments. Your body does the rest, and we will always stand by that.

children playing at a chiropractic center

What Makes Us Different?

In the first semester of chiropractic college Dr. Taylor and Meckenzie’s second daughter was born at home. After seeing the power of the body at work in a totally different way this shifted Dr. Taylor’s viewpoint of chiropractic care and who can benefit from care. At Renegade Chiropractic we focus on serving whole families with a special interest in pediatric and prenatal care. Our goal is to help kids grow up to be healthy adults, and you cannot do that without a healthy communicating nervous system. Adults often present to the office with things like neck pain, back pain and stiff shoulders, but kids don’t. Kids will present to the office with issues such as earaches, allergies, ADD/ADHD, etc. Kids do not typically have pain, in fact only about 20% of what your nervous system communicates is pain; the other 80% is actual functions of the body like your heart beating or your lungs breathing. The best outcome is not to merely get you out of pain – the best outcome is to help your body function at an optimal level with the added benefit of being out of pain. Our assessment of your nervous system is unique in that we utilize NASA certified technology to assess your nervous system in order to help locate and understand exactly how to help your nervous system function properly.

Our staff

We are full of love and service, and we have a deep drive to change the world. We are excited to serve alongside you as your health journey improves.

Dr. Taylor Dietz and Office Manager Meckenzie Dietz both grew up in Lehi, Utah. They lived a few blocks away from each other but never spoke until after high school. They started college at Utah Valley University, and then got married a short time later. Meckenzie graduated from UVU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education just before having their first daughter one month later.

Throughout this time Dr. Taylor explored many different avenues for a career. After a few years of schooling Dr. Taylor decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor. They moved to Dallas, Texas where Dr. Taylor spent many hours studying at Parker University.

As a dedicated learner Dr. Taylor spent a lot of time traveling to visit and mentor with some of the most successful neurologically-based chiropractors in the United States. He has also received advanced training to work with infants and children.

While in Texas, they had 2 additional kids, learned what real food tasted like, and grew a love for the human nervous system. Then they came back to Utah with a strong desire to make a difference. “We are incredibly excited to own Renegade Chiropractic and cannot wait to serve you and your family!”

Dr. Taylor Dietz


Meckenzie Dietz

Office Manager

Why we specialize

There is nothing more important to a parent than making sure that their kids grow up healthy and happy. When kids are healthy parents are happy. When a pregnant mom is able to be comfortable throughout pregnancy she is able to focus on loving the baby growing inside of her and loving her other kids as well. We do what we do because we want people to be able to live their lives with confidence knowing that their bodies are functioning at an optimal level. We want people to enjoy life and be able to serve their friends and family the way that God wants them to. Simply put, families that get healthy together, stay healthy together and can have a positive impact on the world around them.

balanced family lifestyle with renegade chiropractic

We Love Our family

We have 3 kids that bring us so much joy. They will be running around the office most days and lifting everyone up who feels down. They love to sing songs, color pictures, wrestle, put stickers on too many things, run around in circles, and giggle. We feel incredibly blessed to have such cute kids!

We love our practice members

You are the reason we are here! You are why we do what we do. We could’ve found so many other easier things to do with our lives, but we are here for YOU! We love to talk with you, laugh with you, cry with you, celebrate with you, and grieve with you. We are here for you – through the ups and the downs of life. Your health breakthroughs keep us going and keep us on mission. Welcome to the Renegade Family!

comprehensive assessments, individualized treatment plans, patient education, and ongoing evaluation

Get to the Root Cause of Your Health Problems

The purpose of neurologically based chiropractic care is to specify where your nervous system is not communicating correctly. We utilize NASA certified technology to get an exact assessment of your nervous system.

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