New Family Chiropractic Practice Opens In Orem, Utah   

Ribbon Cutting October 6, 2021 from 4:30-6:30

Orem, UT — Announcing the grand opening of a new family chiropractic office in Orem, Utah – Renegade Chiropractic, complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a meet and greet with Dr. Dietz.

Renegade Chiropractic is a practice focused on helping young families, with a specialty emphasis on prenatal and pediatric care, infertility and the care of expecting mothers.

There were dozens of people who attend and helped create a positive, upbeat atmosphere. The offic is beautiful, and comes fully equiped with multiple chiropractic tables for Dr. Dietz and his staff to treat multiple patients simultaneously.  There is also an X-ray machine, which creates a lot of convenience and differentiates Renegade from a lot of practices that have to send their patients elsewhere for imaging.

While talking with Dr. Dietz, he wanted it to be clear that Renegade is different.  It goes far beyond simply relieving pain.  Every day Dr. Dietz works to also reduce the severity of other symptoms and in some cases entirely eliminates conditions like colic and breasfeeding issues for babies, as well as adhd and digestive issues for children.

Dr. Dietz expressed Renegade’s unique value for all residents in Utah County emphasized that — “For families who desire natural ways to grow and stay healthy together;consistent chiropractic care at Renegade Chiropractic will lead to a cumulative set of health benefits that will be transformtive.”

Give this vision some time and it makes perfect sense.  the root idea stems from the old saying — “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” But it goes further. As any mother can attest, if the kids aren’t happy, then Mama ain’t happy. The impact of any ailment ailing any family member  invariably affects others in the family.  There isn’t a father or mother who hasn’t lost sleep due to a sick or irritable baby or child. That loss of sleep then impacts the family in a multitude of ways.  Such a simple example but it helps one to realize that mabye Dr. Dietz is on to something. 

Meckenzie Dietz, standing next to Dr. Dietz then expounded on this idea… “Families are looking for a change in how they approach health. They want to eliminate symptoms but… they also want to understand and prevent the root cause of those symptoms.”  Therein lies the “transformative.” This means that Renegade Chiropractic will be as much a wellness center focused on prevention as it will be a healthcare center focused on reacting to health problems. 

Helping patients overcome ailments is why they’ll come to Renegade Chiropractic at first. However, the reason they’ll return, will be to maintain peak wellness for the family.  By boosting each patient’s body’s ability to ward off potential ailments it flips traditional healthcare on its head. To do so, seems like common sense, but it’s rare, and to achieve such a feat for a family would be truly transformative.

For this to work — Dad, Mom and kids would all have to see Dr. Dietz on a regular schedule. One doctor interested in, and tracking the health of every family member. 

if this vision of whole family care resonates, then the natural thing to do would be to call Renegade Chiropractic today, and book an appointment.. for the whole family.

Renegade Chiropractic aims to primarily serve theose who live in Orem, UT, and the immediate surrounding cities.


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