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Chiropractic Phases

“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.” — Hippocrates

the four phases of Chiropractic care

At Renegade Chiropractic you can view your care in four main phases. Healing takes time and repetition, so there will be ups and downs as the body adjusts to the changes taking place within. As you regularly get adjusted you will begin to see the results of those changes.

The Halt Phase

As you begin your specific chiropractic care our goal is to stop any health dysfunction or disease from getting worse. Like a train moving in the wrong direction, we need to slow down and stop the negative trajectory of your health before we begin making major improvements. The goal in this phase of care is to “calm” the nervous system.

The Stabilization Phase

Once the nervous system begins to “calm” we look for stabilization. Throughout care there will be ups and downs. Our goal by the end of the stabilization phase is to reach a point where the nervous system is consistently communicating with very little wavering. The stabilization point is kind of like the foundation of a house, once we have a solid foundation we can start to build.

Corrective Phase

With a solid foundation, our goal now is to build the house. True correction comes with time and repetition. During the corrective phase your nervous system is being built up, and it starts to express itself more appropriately. By the end of the corrective phase the house is fully built and functions in an ideal manner. Again, this phase takes time and repetition. Consistent efforts on a regular basis provide the changes necessary to have an optimally functioning nervous system.

The Wellness Phase

The wellness phase is simple. Now that the house is built we primarily focus on keeping the house in good shape. During the wellness phase your chiropractic visits are usually less frequent. You have a solid foundation and improved spinal structure which allows you to be feeling and functioning on a higher level. Just like a house might break a window or spring a leak, you may have a fall or accident or you may experience retracing. During these times you may need more corrective care. However, our goal is to keep everyone in the wellness phase as much as possible – feeling and functioning their best.

Get to the Root Cause of Your Health Problems

The purpose of neurologically based chiropractic care is to specify where your nervous system is not communicating correctly. We utilize NASA certified technology to get an exact assessment of your nervous system.

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